• Saves energy, reduces heat transfer and sound transmission.
  • Available in a variety of densities, thicknesses and facing options.
  • Easy to handle, fabricate on the job site and install.
  • Types 703 and 705 are available with a factory-applied FRK or ASJ Max vapor retarder facing

Type 701

Discontinued Jan. 15th, 2017

  • A lightweight, flexible option used as acoustic insulation batts.
  • Insulate items with irregularly-shaped surfaces where compressive strength is not a performance criterion and the exterior finish will be supported mechanically.

Type 703

  • Semi-rigid boards for use on mechanical equipment and HVAC ductwork

Type 705

  • High strength, rigid board for use on chillers, other mechanical equipment and HVAC ductwork where high abuse resistance and good finished appearance are important.

Types 706 & 707

  • Smooth surface, high density, rigid boards used for acoustical wall panels and specialized ceiling applications.


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