ASTM C578 Type X, IV, 18 psi (1/2"), 25 psi (1")

New economy and durability for worn out commercial roofs, DURAPINK® roofing recovery board saves the trouble and expense of removing the old roof, and adds insulation and helps with moisture protection to the new one. Roofing recovery is an increasingly popular means of reroofing for aged and trouble-plagued roofs. The decision to recover a roof is based on two compelling reasons: The cost involved in tearing off the old roof, and the cost of disposing of the discarded debris – both of which can be significant. When you recover, both costs are avoided. To meet the particular needs of this application, Owens Corning has developed DURAPINK® roofing recovery board, a line of extruded polystyrene roofing products for use with single-ply membranes, including EPDM. DURAPINK® roofing recovery board works without overlaid protection, ballast or pavers. And Owens Corning is the manufacturer of polystyrene insulation to recommend the use of its product for this application.

Consider these important characteristics of DURAPINK® recovery board:

  • Closed-cell structure means DURAPINK® roofing recovery board resists damaging effects of moisture; never rots or decays.
  • Polystyrene insulation recommended by its manufacturer for use directly under black EPDM membranes, without need for protection.
  • Lightweight, yet durable for labor-saving ease of hoisting and installation.
  • Competitively priced with other recovery boards.
  • Available in ½" and 1" thicknesses; 48" x 96" boards.
  • Approved component in UL Class A, B and C single-ply recover applications.